Column Mold (Twin) 23.5m with footing M23474

Column formwork with foundation footing (twin mold) L=23.50m

Very flexible adjustable formwork, mechan. manually adjustable
Length: 23,5m
Chamber size: width 0,95m, height 1m (expandable up to 1,65m, for this purpose
formwork parts are available)
Foundation base: 3m x 3m x 1,10m, footing formwork on both ends
Vibrators: 6 pieces at the base
The rest will be done with bottle vibrators.
Formwork stands on concrete foundation feet


Column Mould PREQAST

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Passenger Lift Shaft Molds M23471

Passenger Lift Shaft MOLDS 3 sizes.

Manufacturer: NINIVE
Year of manufacture: 2011, only 2 years in use
Hydraulic adjustment

For the production of lift shaft elements for vertical storey connection
Considerable advantages of prefabrication in terms of time, costs and flexibility.

According to the customer’s plans, inserts as well as empty conduits and switch bushes
for the electrical installation can be installed according to the customer’s plans. This avoids the need for subsequent surface
Time-saving installation aids such as anchor rails, transport anchors, scaffolding sleeves
anchors etc. are already installed at the factory.

The smooth visible surfaces can be left unfinished, plastered or painted over.
Production in the factory means very accurate dimensions. Smooth formwork on the outside, short assembly times.

LIFT SHAFT MOLD 1, 1600 X 1750MM
LIFT SHAFT MOLD 2, 1600 X 1800MM
LIFT SHAFT MOLD 3, 1600 X 1950MM
Height of each mold 3,20m

Liftschacht Schalung

Precast Lift Shaft Mold

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Battery Mold 9 Compartments 8 x 3m M23468

Battery Mold 9C
– 9 compartments
– Compartment dimensions: 8.00m x 3.00m
– suitable for wall thicknesses: 12cm, 18cm, 20cm
– incl. steaming
– incl. remote control for the chain-driven flap system for opening and closing
– the flap is folded down depending on the direction of travel and pressed by hydraulics
– lateral adjustment is roughly adjusted with an arm system made of metal tubes and is then
adjusted to the desired size with a thread
9-Fächer Batterie

Battery 9 compartments

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Tilt Forming Machine TEKSAM 5m M22458

Tilt Forming Machine TEKSAM

Manufacturer: TEKSAM Denmark
Year of manufacture: 2016
Condition: As good as new

Suitable for products up to 5m length, 1,25m width and max. product height of 900mm
Possible finished products: Slatted floors, pavers, U-channels, posts, foundation blocks etc.

Complete production cycle with tilt forming machine, demolding crane, transport system, set-down device
and production pallets.

The plant assemblies:
-Automatic production machine
-Demolding crane
-Transport system for the products
-Settling device
-70 steel pallets for a product area of 5.000 x 1.125mm and a load of 3.500 kg


Tilt Forming Machine TEKSAM

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AAC Plant A20382

Complete Aerated Concrete Production Plant
Year of construction 2008
10 autoclaves, length 34,5 m, outer diameter 2,20 m
Production capacity approx. 500m3 per day
Products: Aerated concrete – plane element and plane blocks
accuracy of blocks: +-1mm
Density class kg/dm3: 0,35 – 0,40 – 0,45 – 0,50, depending on the objective, lighter also usually means: less strength.
Raw material used: quartz sand (purity 87-89%, min 85%) operated, fly ash is also possible.Plant consists of:
Silos for quicklime, cement, quartz sand.
Aluminum powder preparation
Ball mill
Mixing tank
Casting plant
25 molds in size: 3300mm x 1300mm x 700mm
Automatic mold handling
Cutting equipment
10 autoclaves
Transfer lines
Packaging line
Boiler and steam conditioning

Special extra: Digital twin for simulation of all production processes!


AAC Plant

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Solarpanel Production Line with ABB Robots

Solarpanel Production Line,
Condition: very good
Possible operating hours per day: 23h, cells/ strings: 10, string/ module: 6
Production capacity per year: approx. 40-50 MW
Excerpt from plant parts list: Automatic glass separation with ABB robot, glass washing machine, vt304 diverter turning, vbc3600a belt conveyor, foil cutting machine, cell layup, stringer, cut-bend machine, laminator, edge processing, frame station etc.
Typical solar module size 1661 x 997
Solar cells: Dim. 156×156, other cell sizes possible, mono- and polycrystalline
String: cells per string max. 12, min. 6, gap between cells 2-50mm
Electr. connection values: 400V/50Hz, 395kW
Controls: PLC Siemens S7 / Mitsubishi FX
Location: Central Europe
Manufacturer Brands: Schmid, ABB, Siemens, Somont, 3S Swiss Solar, Price EUR 750.000,00
Solarpanel Production

Solarmodul Produktion

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HUMARBO Tilting Lay Machine, 3m Products M22445

HUMARBO Tilting Lay Machine PXV-3 from 2018, like new

The Tilting Lay Machine is suitable for the production of large-format components in the immediate demoulding process.

The most suitable components are bar-shaped, plate-shaped or frame-shaped.
These can be foundations, slab and floor slabs, U-shaped shells, shaft bodies, angle elements or large-format bricks.
An advantage is the high daily capacity with only one mould and two workers.
It was only used for test purposes!

The Humbarbo PXV-3 is a floor-moulding machine, which demoulds the concrete products by means of tipping on a flat floor or pallet (wood, steel). The Tilting Lay Machine is suitable for reinforced or non-reinforced products with a production length of max. 3m, a product width of 1,400mm and a product height of max. 1,100mm.
The max. load of product, mould and table is 6000kg. The max. product weight is therefore approx. 2,500kg.

Tilting Lay Machine


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Laser projection for precast concrete plant M22432

Mecoon Laser-projection-system

consists of 6 Laser Projectors

The system is able to display contours of different components, recesses and lattice girder separately.

Accuracy by independent Calibration of the laser projector. Fully automatic and quickly the laser projector is set up and ensures accurate projection results.

Mecoon Laserprojektion

Mecoon Laser-projection-system

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Magnets and shuttering system RATEC M21419

Magnets and shuttering system:

1.500 pieces Standard Magnets , 1.200 pieces profiles in different lengths  with height 70mm

Preferably use for the production of filigree slabs and twin walls.

Profile list, height 70mm:
250mm length: 165 pieces,
400mm length: 10 pieces x
500mm length: 169 pieces
750mm length: 15 pieces
1000mm length: 220 pieces
2000mm length: 261 pieces
3000mm length: 333 pieces
and 50 pieces x 500mm (residual shuttering)

– Magnet and profiles cleaner
– Magnets conveyor belts, profiles conveyor belts
– Steel construction

Magnete und Schalungen

Magnets and shuttering

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Production of terrazzo tiles (polished concrete tiles) M21402

Complete plant for terrazzo tiles

with 3 hermetic presses
mould sizes: 40×40, 40×60, thickness 4 and 5cm
consists of:
1) Press: Longinotti Meccanica type K607/s
2) Press: Longinotti Meccanica type K256/E
3) Press: OCEM type OPA/650
4) Calibration: Breton make
5) Grinding line: Breton make
6) Automatic edging/bevelling machine: Ernst Bauer u. Sohn GmbH
7) Shot peening machine: Konrad Pump type 20-G-600/2
8) Packing: Ernst Bauer u. Sohn GmbH

Produktion Terrazzoplatten

Production of terrazzo tiles M21402

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Precast Mobile Access Aid NUSPL M21400

Mobile Access Aid

for a precast tilting and lifting station.
The electrically movable access aid (ladder) runs along a rail fixed to the floor.
This allows quick access to the upper end of the elements and safe work at height.
E.g. attaching to the crane, and no longer need to carry ladders for a walk.
The speed of the longitudinal movement is infinitely variable.
Installation usually along a tilt table.

Mobile Aufstiegshilfe

Mobile access aid NUSPL

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Concrete Pipe Production SBM A20389

Fully equipped concrete pipe plant

Full equipment for the production of concrete pipes and reinforced concrete pipes, manhole rings and cones.
Manufactured by SBM/ Austria 2007
-production of big pipes Height=2500mm, External diameter – max. 3,000 mm
production of concrete and reinforced concrete rings and cones for manholes
-complete sets of moulds for concrete pipes, manhole rings and cones
Condition: Very good, almost not used



Concrete Pipe Production

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Garage Mould 2014 A20384 ** SOLD **

Garage Mould 2014 FOR SALE

a used garage mould for the production of prefabricated concrete garages or space cells
Year of construction 2014

Completely hydraulically adjustable garage mould.
Wide range of adjustment options
The following inner dimensions can be adjusted continuously:
width from 2,5m to 4m
length from 6m to 9,8m
Height from 2m to 3m

Garagenschalung 2014

Garage Mould 2014

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Slipformer ECHO for hollow core floor slabs, A21420 *** SOLD ***

ECHO Slipformer:

to produce hollow core floor slabs

Slipformer with concrete hopper to produce hollow core floor slabes in prestressed concrete. Floor Thickness 150mm, 200mm or 250mm. Hollow core width 1200mm.
The production plant includes:
A Cross Cutting Saw, which is able to cut up to 400m thickness.
A Multifunctional Trolley to prepare the production bed: Cleaning, Pulling strands and spraying oil on to the beds.
The plant is fully refurbished and painted. Year of construction 2002. Can be inspected in operation.

ECHO Gleitfertiger

ECHO Slipformer

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Beam Mould SOMMER 30M A20385 *** Sold ***


Binder formwork, girder formwork, box girder formwork, bridge girder formwork
Length 30m
Adjustment via mechanical spindle
– 38 pieces vibrators with remote control, including converter and control
Was in use in 3 variants:
-Prestressed, 1 x with wire strand
-Prestressed, with wire strand and cable
-loosely reinforced
-Component height up to 1,80m
-Wing length: 2 x 1,20m
-Web width: 1,90m



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Manhole Manufacturing Plant COLLE A20365 ** SOLD **

Used Manhole Manufacturing Plant COLLE Vibromatic 100/150 H150

Year of construction: 1991
Good, immediately operational state!
Production range: DN 1000 to DN 1500
Max. height: 1500 mm

Incl. discharge, cart brand REKERS
– Machinery frame
– Central vibrator
– Hydraulic aggregate
– Controller
– Header press
– Charging unit
– Base ring inserter
– Discharge-cart

Pallets circle, brand REKERS
Full automated crane manipulator, brand REKERS
Moulds DN 1000
Moulds DN 1500

Manhole Manufacturing Plant COLLE A20365

Manhole Manufacturing Plant COLLE A20365

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Concrete Tiles Production Plant SCHINDLER A9346 ** SOLD **

Fully Automatic Production Plant for concrete tiles

Year 2010, Brand: Schindler
The line can produce grinded, polished, washed and shotblasted tiles.
The batching plant is designed to feed two presses simultaneously, if needed.
Electric substation and air-compressors are included as well as filter press-pump.
Factory has stopped production since 2018.

Automatic Hermetic-Turntablepress TOP 9000/600T OCEM and further 28 positions, which are described more precise in a customised offer.

Beton Gehwegplattenfertigung SCHINDLER A9346

Concrete tile production plant SCHINDLER A9346

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