HUMARBO Tilting Lay Machine, 3m Products M22445

HUMARBO Tilting Lay Machine PXV-3 from 2018, like new

The Tilting Lay Machine is suitable for the production of large-format components in the immediate demoulding process.

The most suitable components are bar-shaped, plate-shaped or frame-shaped.
These can be foundations, slab and floor slabs, U-shaped shells, shaft bodies, angle elements or large-format bricks.
An advantage is the high daily capacity with only one mould and two workers.
It was only used for test purposes!

The Humbarbo PXV-3 is a floor-moulding machine, which demoulds the concrete products by means of tipping on a flat floor or pallet (wood, steel). The Tilting Lay Machine is suitable for reinforced or non-reinforced products with a production length of max. 3m, a product width of 1,400mm and a product height of max. 1,100mm.
The max. load of product, mould and table is 6000kg. The max. product weight is therefore approx. 2,500kg.

Tilting Lay Machine


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