Concrete Spreader 2m³ EBAWE 2008 A8232

Concrete Spreader EBAWE

Year of construction 07/2008, 2 m³ content
discharge width 1.25 m with 14 slide valves,
all individually switchable via buttons and footswitch.

Longitudinal and lateral ride via joystick steplessly adjustable,
movable on drilled steel profiles.

Concrete spreader is used for a table
length of 12.50 m and width of 2.50 m
Total length travel 20 m. (cable drum

Concrete Spreader

Concrete Spreader

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The GMS-Formwork START-PACKAGE enables Precast Products Manufacturers to try out the newest developments in Precast Formwork Systems. The Spartan Sideforms and Titan Magnets are developed to produce concrete panels in any desired size. In a very short time and with the lowest possible efforts.

– the flexibility of different heights from 100 to 325mm
– lightweight Aluminium, easy to handle
– very stable together with the strong magnets
– sealing in the bottom, no leak outs of concrete
– fast and easy Assembling
– easy Cleaning, with water and brush

The GMS-START-PACKAGE enables the precaster to cast various precast panel sizes in one operation. The panel size could have 30m2.

The START-PACKAGE includes

– 5pcs Spartan side forms each length of 5.80m
-18pcs Titan Magnets, which could be used for other formwork systems as well, if you fix Ball Lock Rail Strips to the  other formwork planks, boards etc.  Will be delivered in Nylon or steel depending on the kind of the planks material


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Battery Mold TECHNOPLAN A16157


17 Compartments, thereof
9 Compartments measure 9.00 x 2.80m
8 Compartments measure 6.50 x 2.80m

– Frequency controlled Vibration from WACKER
– including formwork equipment for doors and windows

Year: 1998, not much used!


Battery Mold

Battery Mold

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How much for my Precast Plant ?

How much can I get for my precast production plant or equipment?

To find out the worth of your production machine/plant send some basic information like:

  • Brand/Type of the machine/ equipment/ plant
  • Year/ Capacity
  • Condition and add. info i.e. photos

Send us an e-mail to moc.s1542329432tnalp1542329432tsace1542329432rp@of1542329432ni1542329432 or use the Request Form below:

Wieviel bekomme ich für meine gebrauchte Maschine?

How much can I get for my used machine ?

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Wall-Elements Plant for lightweight concrete panels A14053

Lightweight concrete panels production plant – FOR SALE

For panels, slabs, walls made in LIAPOR, LECA or other light materials to encase or insulate warehouses, distribution centres and industrial buildings with steel frame construction.
Further the equipment can be adapted for the production of standard concrete walls and floors as well.

Pallets Carousel Line, Pallets dimension/max. element size: 2.00 x 12.00 m

Complete Concrete Mixing plant with cement silos, aggregates silos, conveyor belts, bucket elevator etc. is included.

Precast concrete panels are delivered to site made to measure. Manufactured in controlled environment factory conditions, the panels are quickly erected to provide high quality precast concrete walls.

Wall-Elements Plant

Wall-Elements Plant

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Battery Mold 3.0m x 6.5m A8254 **SOLD**

1 used Battery Mold

Face sheets are flat and even
The formwork is complete and functional!

Technical specifications:
4 pouring compartments, size: 3000mm x 6500mm (HxB)
1 fixed outer wall, thickness 780mm
3 movable partitions on rails, thickness 220mm
1 movable outer wall, thickness 780mm on rails
Incl. Work platform, stairs and railings
including 17 pieces built-in BOSCH external vibrator and
1 piece BOSCH frequency converter 1 controller
1 hydraulic unit to close the battery mold
1 built-in heating register in outer and movable partitions

Battery Mold

Battery Mold

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Tilting table 22.50m x 3.00m A8277 **SOLD**

SKAKO Tilting table 22.50m x 3.00m

Outer width 3.10m
5 Hydrocylinders including Hydraulic-station
On both sides hydraulically movable side forms. These side forms limit the width to 2.72m. If the side forms are removed 3m are available for casting.
Weight: 22tons
Manufacturer: SKAKO Year 1995
Not used very much. The factory was closed for 15 years.
2pcs are available

Tilting table 22.50m x 3.00m

Tilting table 22.50m x 3.00m

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EBAWE precast concrete form plotter A14054

Universal plotter – FOR SALE

Year: 2013
Condition: almost new, very good
Steuerung: PC und Steuerschrank
Moving area: max: 12975mm x 3813mm

The plotter marks slabs cutting lines, rectangles and circles for openings and recesses, texts for identification on cast slab surface or places for dividers and fittings on empty bed surface.


EBAWE plotter

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Formwork Robot WECKENMANN – A14055 **SOLD**

Formwork – Shuttering Robot WECKENMANN

Moves shuttering profiles for pallets size
up to 13.5m x 3.80m
Year: 2005

The robot was used in precast floor slab and double wall pallet circulation line for:
– plotting the slab geometries and
– oiling of certain sectors and
– placing different shuttering profiles and magnets

– steelframe and driveway
– safety fence
– control cabinet

E-source: 400V/ 50Hz

Speed of:
X-axis: 2.4 m/s
Y-axis: 2.4 m/s
Z-axis: 1.5 m/s
turn: 120 grad/s

Formwork Robot WECKENMANN

Formwork Robot WECKENMANN

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New Precast Wall Panels Formwork

ROLLOUT for the new Precast Wall
Panels Formwork


We have created a set of sideforms and magnets to cast 20 – 30m2 (sqm) wall panels. It consist of 29 meter SPARTAN sideforms, 18 TITAN magnets and all the additional useful equipment to start a production.

The standard sideform height in the Start-Package  is 175mm. With that you can produce Wall thicknesses of 175, 180, 185, 190, 195 and 200mm with the matching capping.
If you want a different thickness please tell us and we will change the sideform according to your demand.
Furthermore if you want to include more sideforms and magnets already in the Start-Package please tell us and you will benefit from an outstanding price in the Start-Package.

GMS Precast Wall Panels Formwork

GMS Precast Wall Formwork

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Stationary Production with Tilting Tables and Folding Pallets – A17201 **SOLD**

Stationary Wall Production Line

2pcs, Dimension finished element: 12m x 3.80m

Folding pallets ELEMATIC
2pcs for the production of Double Walls
Dimension finished element: 12.50m x 3.80m

Filigree Floor Slab Tables 5pcs SCHWINGHAMMER
Dimension finished element: 12.00m x 2.50m
Complete Set of Shutters with all the Magnets for 9 tables
All tables are equipped with thermo-oil pipe register

Stationäre Produktion

Stationary Production

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Pallets Carousel for Slabs and Walls – A17182 **SOLD**

Pallets Carousel, erected in 2015

Manufacturing Floor slabs, Double walls, Solid walls, Sandwich walls
37 pallet stations in 4 lines
placed in two hall segments each 20m x 55m
Comprising of:
– 24 pallets from NUSPL
20pcs 3.20m x 7.20m and
4 pcs 3.45m x 7.20m

– Concrete distributor with semioutomatic discharge
– Vibration station
– Tilting station to lift off the walls
– Cleaning station
– Longitudinal and cross moving possibilies fort he pallets
– Shuttering robot WECKENMANN

Paletten Umlaufanlage

Pallets Carousel

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Precast Production Tables 168 x 2.5m A17177 **SOLD**

Long Precast Tables  A17177

– Table lengths is 168.0m to produce panels 2.50m width
– Table is modulated in 12.0m long elements (for transport reasons)
– There are a lot of shutters to produce panels 20cm, 16cm, 12cm thickness
– Other accessories to produce panels with windows, doors…

– The longitudinal laterals open by hydraulic force

Long Beds for Precast Wall and Floor Panels Production

Precast Tables for Wall and Floor Panels Production

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Pallet circulation system for SOLID WALLS A14030 **SOLD/VERKAUFT**

Solid Walls Production Carousel Line


Complete Solid elements pallet circulation line from SOMMER
for the production of SOLID WALLS, thickness 120mm and 160mm, Sandwich walls and Floor slabs.

-40 pcs Pallets 2688mm x 13500mm, Finished slab width max. 2500mm. Load 5 tons. Longitudinal tilting closure.
-VARIO Vibration system, 3pcs frames with pallets fixing
-Full automatic concrete distributor, 5m3 volume, distribution width 1250mm
-Roboterized Curing stack system for 40pcs pallets
-Demoulding station
-Automatic device for Magazining, Cleaning, Plotting and Oiling
Solid Wall Production Carousel line

Solid Wall Carousel line

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Vacuum Lifter for concrete elements A14052 ** SOLD **

Vacuum Lifter for concrete elements – FOR SALE

Manufacturer: EHRLER & BECK
Good condition, hardly used.

Capacity: max. 8 tons.
Max dimension of transportable parts: 6 x 3m
Net weight: about 2.5 to

The vacuum lifter is equipped with flat suction pads, which
each suction plate can carry 160 kg. The suction pads are
distributed on an area of 5450 x 2150mm.
Control panel in the center with plug for overhead crane.

Concrete elements lifter


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Double-Wall Production Line 2007 – A15101 **SOLD**

A used Pallets Carousel for
the production of:

Double Walls, Solid Walls, Light Concrete Walls, Filigree Floor Slabs, Solid Floor Slabs, Sandwich Walls
Year: 2007
Condition: Very good
Output: 500-700m2 per shift
Max. dimension finished element: 3.20m x 12.00m
Consists of: 18 pcs pallets, 12.00m x 3.50m and
complete production equipment.

Based on Brands like EBAWE, RATEC, SIEMENS S7 ETC.

Doppelwand Umlauf

Double-Wall Pallets Circle

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