Battery Mold ELEMATIC 3.03 X 8.0M, 7 Compartments, A9347 **SOLD**

Battery Mould – FOR SALE

In mint condition / not used, only 1 test process
Year of construction: 2010

Technical specifications:
7 pouring compartments, size: 3.03m x 8.0 m
1 fixed outer wall, thickness 780mm
6 movable partitions on rails, thickness 220mm
1 movable outer wall, thickness 780mm on rails
Incl. Work platform, stairs and railings
including external vibrators and
1 frequency converter and controller
1 hydraulic unit to close the battery mold
1 built-in heating register in outer and movable partitions


Battery Mould ELEMATIC

Battery Mould ELEMATIC

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