Laser Projection System MECOON A7228

Laser Projection System

Consisting of:
2pcs Laserprojection units
Lasermodul 43mW, 532 nm (green)
max. Projection Angle 80°
Accuracy ± 3mm in 9 m distance
Laserclass 3B
0-40° C, 35 – 85% moisture
Hard- and Software for Systemreferencing

1pc Application-Software
Controls up top 4 Laserprojections
Lay-outs, Install parts and cut offs can be displayed
1pc Personal Computer

Laser Projection System

Laser Projection System

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Lattice Girder Welding Line AWM 2006 Variable Pitch A7224

Lattice Girder Welding Line

Year 2006
Diameter of upper wire: 6 – 14 mm
Diameter of lower wires:  6 – 14 mm
Diameter of cross-wise wires: 5 to 6 mm
Pitch/spacing of cross-wires: from 190 to 210mm
Height of the truss: from 100 to 300 mm
Pitch: 400 mm

Operation frequency  – from 35 to 70 cycles per minute.

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Lattice Girder Welding Line

Lattice Girder Welding Line

Double Strand-Straightening Machine EVG-FIL RA-XE 16/2-2 A7216

Straightening Machine EVG-FIL RA-XE

Straightening Machine EVG-FIL RA-XE

Rotor-Straightener with 2 Flying shears
2-strands, Hyperbolic rotors and 2 flying shears
4 Pay-offs
Wire quality:
Hot rolled or cold drawn on coils
Decoiling against clockwise
Coil weight max. 3tons
Wire diameters: 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16mm

Quality of the straigthened and cut wire bars:
Max. Length: 14m
Min. Length: 0,75m
Length accuracy: +/- 5mm
Straightness: 0,3 x d per Meter, max. 3mm

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Roller-Straightening Machine FIL RA 100/5 A17209


NEW CONTROL: Beckhoff from 2015
6 pcs Wire Pay-offs
Functions: Pre-Straightening, Straightening, Measure, Cut to Length Straight bars
Wire material Strength: Up to 800 N/mm2
Wire Diameters: 6 – 14 mm
Speed: up to 100 m/min
Automatic Wire Change
Daily Capacity: 9 – 13 tons
Well maintained. Complete Documentation.


Roller-Straightening Machine RA100

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Reinforcement Cage Assemblers A17198-A17200

Used Reinforcement Cage Assemblers FOR SALE

We sell 2 SCHNELL IDEA and 1 MEP Preform

Using three thin longitudinal wires, which may be welded to any point of the stirrup’s exterior surface. IDEA is able to half-assemble lattice girders of stirrups of any shape and size.

The half-assembled girder is now ready to be finished off by fixing the frame carrying bars. As the stirrups have already been welded at the correct distance, the carrying bars may be only tied every 5 or 6 stirrups.

This means:
– saving up to 60% on assembling costs;
– maximum flexibility: girders may be assembled with stirrups of any shape and size; besides this system avoids all size restrictions and material waste involved with the use of electrowelded mesh;

Cage Assemblers

Cage Assemblers

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The GMS-Formwork START-PACKAGE enables Precast Products Manufacturers to try out the newest developments in Precast Formwork Systems. The Spartan Sideforms and Titan Magnets are developed to produce concrete panels in any desired size. In a very short time and with the lowest possible efforts.

– the flexibility of different heights from 100 to 325mm
– lightweight Aluminium, easy to handle
– very stable together with the strong magnets
– sealing in the bottom, no leak outs of concrete
– fast and easy Assembling
– easy Cleaning, with water and brush

The GMS-START-PACKAGE enables the precaster to cast various precast panel sizes in one operation. The panel size could have 30m2.

The START-PACKAGE includes

– 5pcs Spartan side forms each length of 5.80m
-18pcs Titan Magnets, which could be used for other formwork systems as well, if you fix Ball Lock Rail Strips to the  other formwork planks, boards etc.  Will be delivered in Nylon or steel depending on the kind of the planks material


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Stationary Production with Tilting Tables and Folding Pallets – A17201

Stationary Wall Production Line

2pcs, Dimension finished element: 12m x 3.80m

Folding pallets ELEMATIC
2pcs for the production of Double Walls
Dimension finished element: 12.50m x 3.80m

Filigree Floor Slab Tables 5pcs SCHWINGHAMMER
Dimension finished element: 12.00m x 2.50m
Complete Set of Shutters with all the Magnets for 9 tables
All tables are equipped with thermo-oil pipe register

Stationäre Produktion

Stationary Production

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Hyperbolic Rotor-Straightener RA-X EVG-FILZMOSER A16158

Hyperbolic Rotor-Straightener – FOR SALE

Very smooth surface of the straightened wire bars
Use of wire coils, diameters 6 to 14mm
6 unwinding reels 6-14mm, alternatively 2×10 oder 12mm.
Production of straightened bars and
2 Bending units
Bar distribution conveyor
Chain conveyor with 100mm sections
Can be inspected during operation.


Hyperbolic Rotor-Straightener RA-X EVG

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A14025 – Carousel Line – Floor slabs

Carousel Line, Floor slabs production – FOR SALE

1. Lift-Off Station
– Slabs lifting crane

2. Pallet Circulation
– 44 pcs pallets, 2.40m x 15.50m
– Pallets stacking crane: VOLLERT
– Plotter and Double cleaning system:WECKENMANN
– Shuttering, Transport and Cleaning:WECKENMANN
– Oiling system: WECKENMANN
– Crosswise-transport: WECKENMANN
– Concrete Distributor: WECKENMANN
– Vibration: Gyroshake NETTER

3. Reinforcement
Lattice girder preparation with Magnets-Handling: FILZMOSER
– Steel straightening and cutting machinewith Magnets Handling: FILZMOSER
– Wire Diameters: 6 – 14mm Longitudinal bars and cross bars

Carousel Line Floor-Slabs

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CemenTech Volumetric Mixer SCD4.5-100 A17165

CemenTech Volumetric Mixer

It is the first Cemen Tech with a 12′ mixing section (normally built with a 8′ or a 10′)
Year 1997
Now that is how they are built. This means that it mixes faster and more consistant.
It is a skid mount.
This unit has a fiber feeder that is programmed to add fiber at any variable rate you chose.
15 hp hydraulic package included.
Hoppers for auto feed the machine with aggregate.
Cement powder auger for auto feeding the powder.

Cemen Tech Volumetric Mixer SCD4.5-100

Cemen Tech Volumetric Mixer SCD4.5-100

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Double Wall & Floor Slab Carousel A15107

NEW! Purchasewithdrawal – FOR SALE

For the production of Doublewalls and floor slabs
Minimal space requirements: 17m x 68m
30 pcs pallets
Dimension: 8.50m x 3.00m

-Hydraulic tilting frame
-Concrete distributor
-Shaking and vibrating system
-Stacking and Turn-over frame
-Lift-off frame
and much more

Doppelwand und Decken Umlaufanlage

Double Wall & Floor Slab Carousel

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Lean Production Concepts for your Precast Plant

Precast-plants, machines, precastplants

GMS offers complete solutions of Precast factories and single production machines for Precast products. GMS has the solution, whether you are adapting an existing production line or invest in a Start-up Precast plant. GMS can offer you used or new Machinery and Precast plant systems and has the ability to design, engineer and install complete precast production plants.

The newest development is the „Lean Precast Carousel“. A low cost solution, which can be extended in further steps.

by Franz Filzmoser


Schlanke Fertigung von Betonfertigteilen


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Curved staircase formwork HOWAL ALPHATOP – A15090

Variable staircase formwork for curved staircases

Many different shapes in the riser range from 17.0 to 19.0 cm. Flight of stairs in clockwise and counterclockwise design. Step width is 100 cm, step depth is 26 cm.

Minimal adjustment and setup times, this enables daily casting. High quality elements, fair-faced concrete in the underside.



Curved staircase formwork

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Formwork Robot WECKENMANN – FOR SALE – A14055

Formwork – Shuttering Robot WECKENMANN

Moves shuttering profiles for pallets size
up to 13.5m x 3.80m
Year: 2005

The robot was used in precast floor slab and double wall pallet circulation line for:
– plotting the slab geometries and
– oiling of certain sectors and
– placing different shuttering profiles and magnets

– steelframe and driveway
– safety fence
– control cabinet

E-source: 400V/ 50Hz

Speed of:
X-axis: 2.4 m/s
Y-axis: 2.4 m/s
Z-axis: 1.5 m/s
turn: 120 grad/s

Formwork Robot WECKENMANN

Formwork Robot WECKENMANN

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New Precast Concrete Formwork

Prior Notice to Precasters

Introduction of a new formwork system by GMS to the precast concrete market.

The Sideform
is manufactured of ultra lightweight Aluminum. Not only can you change the hight of the sideform, but also you can have either a chamfer edge profile or a square one simply by changing the capping on the side form. A rubber base insert provides a silicon-free seal between bed and formwork to prevent concrete bleed.

Ergonomic and strong Magnets
simple and safe operation. Easy cleaning and maintenance. Flexibility to use not only our Aluminum Sideforms but also all other sideforms by using adaptors. is a Domain of GMS

precast concrete formwork

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MEP Wire Girder Welding Line MTM400 A17164


Output max.: 33 m/min
Lattice girder height: 80-300 mm (easily variable; precise motorized vertical regulation)
L.G. base (internal size) : 70-100 mm
Advance step:   400 mm
Lattice girder length: 2000-12000 mm (multiples of 100 mm)

Longitudinal wire Ø: 5-12 mm
Continuous stirrup (zigzag) Ø: 3.5-6 mm
(fy = 650 N/mm2 – ft = 650 N/mm2)

2009: Comprehensive update of the entire electrics/electronics
2014: Comprehensive update of the entire mechanic systems, repainting. Now it looks as if it was new!

MEP Gitterträgermaschine

MEP Wire Girder Line

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How much for my Precast Plant ?

How much can I get for my precast production plant or equipment?

To find out the worth of your production machine/plant send some basic information like:

  • Brand/Type of the machine/ equipment/ plant
  • Year/ Capacity
  • Condition and add. info i.e. photos

Send us an e-mail to moc.s1513059601tnalp1513059601tsace1513059601rp@of1513059601ni1513059601 or use the Request Form below:

Wieviel bekomme ich für meine gebrauchte Maschine?

How much can I get for my used machine ?

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New Precast Wall Panels Formwork

ROLLOUT for the new Precast Wall
Panels Formwork


We have created a set of sideforms and magnets to cast 20 – 30m2 (sqm) wall panels. It consist of 29 meter SPARTAN sideforms, 18 TITAN magnets and all the additional useful equipment to start a production.

The standard sideform height in the Start-Package  is 175mm. With that you can produce Wall thicknesses of 175, 180, 185, 190, 195 and 200mm with the matching capping.
If you want a different thickness please tell us and we will change the sideform according to your demand.
Furthermore if you want to include more sideforms and magnets already in the Start-Package please tell us and you will benefit from an outstanding price in the Start-Package.

GMS Precast Wall Panels Formwork

GMS Precast Wall Formwork

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Wall-Elements Plant for lightweight concrete panels A14053

Lightweight concrete panels production plant – FOR SALE

For panels, slabs, walls made in LIAPOR, LECA or other light materials to encase or insulate warehouses, distribution centres and industrial buildings with steel frame construction.
Further the equipment can be adapted for the production of standard concrete walls and floors as well.

Pallets Carousel Line, Pallets dimension/max. element size: 2.00 x 12.00 m

Complete Concrete Mixing plant with cement silos, aggregates silos, conveyor belts, bucket elevator etc. is included.

Precast concrete panels are delivered to site made to measure. Manufactured in controlled environment factory conditions, the panels are quickly erected to provide high quality precast concrete walls.

Lightweight concrete panels plant

Pallets storage and retrieval

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Lattice girder welder PROGRESS A15084 + BARGAIN +

Lattice girder resistance welder PROGRESS – FOR SALE

Year 2012
Consists of body with welder, transformer, welding control unit and foot-switch.
Semi-manual operation
Type of lattice girder: KT 800
Girder height: 90-320mm
Max. diameter to weld: 12mm

EUR 10000


Gitterträger Schweissmaschine

Lattice girder resistance welder PROGRESS

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Precast Concrete Formwork for Bridge Beams – A15074

Formwork for T-, Y- and Square Beams  – FOR SALE

T-, Y- and Square Beams
Length: 27.98 meters
Height (depth of web) 1.52 meters
Width wing 1.32 meters
Adjustable formwork system which can be used in the manufacture of a wide range of structurally efficient cross-sectional shaped concrete beams

Stahlschalung für Brückenträger, Binder

Concrete formwork Bridge-beams

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Precast moulds for System Tanks A16141

System Tank Moulds – FOR SALE

Precast Concrete Moulds to produce System Tanks from 100 m3 –  7000 m3.

These tanks can be used as sedimentation tanks, digestion tanks, aeration tanks, storm water retention basins, elevated reservoirs, clarifiers, filtration tanks, sprinkler tanks, firefighting tanks, flammable or environmentally dangerous liquids safety tanks, loose storage tanks (salt, sand, chipping, etc), agricultural application tanks and rain water harvesting tanks.




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EBAWE precast concrete form plotter A14054

Universal plotter – FOR SALE

Year: 2013
Condition: almost new, very good
Steuerung: PC und Steuerschrank
Moving area: max: 12975mm x 3813mm

The plotter marks slabs cutting lines, rectangles and circles for openings and recesses, texts for identification on cast slab surface or places for dividers and fittings on empty bed surface.


EBAWE plotter

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Rotor-Rollers for EVG–FILZMOSER RA-XE Straightening machines

Hyperbolic formed rollers

are the heartpiece of a EVG and FILZMOSER RA-XE combined straightening and bending machine in the precast concrete industry. These machines are produced since beginning of the 1990s and well known for smooth results of the treated straightened wires.

GMS has increased its portfolio of rollers and is able to deliver hyperbolic rollers for all RA-X
and RA-XE machines at very reasonable prices:

  • RA-X Hydraulic Straightener until 1996
  • RA-XE Electric Straightener up to 2009
  • RA-XE Electric Straightener after 2010

You can get almost all types of rollers from stock or within 2-3 weeks, just ask whether your type is on stock.

Further information, price and order-form you can find here! LINK

or contact ta.la1513059601bolg-1513059601smg@e1513059601ciffo1513059601

Franz Filzmoser



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Used precast concrete plants and equipment

History of precast concrete elements manufacture


If we look back at the history of using precast concrete elements in construction, Europe is a success story. We have seen an enormous speed of development in the last 40 years. Especially the emergence of new floor and wall systems together with new production technologies lead to a very high automation and quality level.
But for those who intend to profit from this business there is a huge obstacle on the way: high investment!
There is a solution for this dilemma. In many cases used precast production machinery and equipment is capable to fulfil the task of manufacturing precast concrete elements. And that at prices which are only a fraction of comparable new equipment.


Used precast machinery, used formwork, used wall panel production, used floor slab production systems, used pallets circle lines, used precast carousel lines, used tilting tables, used hollowcore production, used block making machines, used batching and mixing systems, used molds, used concrete pipe machines and so on. The list is almost endless and each interesting precast investor will find the appropriate machinery in reasonable time by using the assistance of GMS, which can be accessed at


GMS matches supply and demand for precasters not only in Europe but worldwide. Used precast production machines and equipment are often the first step. The second is Success and Innovation. Contact office(at)


Gebrauchte Betonfertigteilmaschinen

Used-precast-plants and equipment

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