Passenger Lift Shaft Molds M23471

Passenger Lift Shaft MOLDS 3 sizes.

Manufacturer: NINIVE
Year of manufacture: 2011, only 2 years in use
Hydraulic adjustment

For the production of lift shaft elements for vertical storey connection
Considerable advantages of prefabrication in terms of time, costs and flexibility.

According to the customer’s plans, inserts as well as empty conduits and switch bushes
for the electrical installation can be installed according to the customer’s plans. This avoids the need for subsequent surface
Time-saving installation aids such as anchor rails, transport anchors, scaffolding sleeves
anchors etc. are already installed at the factory.

The smooth visible surfaces can be left unfinished, plastered or painted over.
Production in the factory means very accurate dimensions. Smooth formwork on the outside, short assembly times.

LIFT SHAFT MOLD 1, 1600 X 1750MM
LIFT SHAFT MOLD 2, 1600 X 1800MM
LIFT SHAFT MOLD 3, 1600 X 1950MM
Height of each mold 3,20m

Liftschacht Schalung

Precast Lift Shaft Mold

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