Tilt Forming Machine TEKSAM 5m M22458

Tilt Forming Machine TEKSAM

Manufacturer: TEKSAM Denmark
Year of manufacture: 2016
Condition: As good as new

Suitable for products up to 5m length, 1,25m width and max. product height of 900mm
Possible finished products: Slatted floors, pavers, U-channels, posts, foundation blocks etc.

Complete production cycle with tilt forming machine, demolding crane, transport system, set-down device
and production pallets.

The plant assemblies:
-Automatic production machine
-Demolding crane
-Transport system for the products
-Settling device
-70 steel pallets for a product area of 5.000 x 1.125mm and a load of 3.500 kg


Tilt Forming Machine TEKSAM

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AAC Plant A20382

Complete Aerated Concrete Production Plant
Year of construction 2008
10 autoclaves, length 34,5 m, outer diameter 2,20 m
Production capacity approx. 500m3 per day
Products: Aerated concrete – plane element and plane blocks
accuracy of blocks: +-1mm
Density class kg/dm3: 0,35 – 0,40 – 0,45 – 0,50, depending on the objective, lighter also usually means: less strength.
Raw material used: quartz sand (purity 87-89%, min 85%) operated, fly ash is also possible.Plant consists of:
Silos for quicklime, cement, quartz sand.
Aluminum powder preparation
Ball mill
Mixing tank
Casting plant
25 molds in size: 3300mm x 1300mm x 700mm
Automatic mold handling
Cutting equipment
10 autoclaves
Transfer lines
Packaging line
Boiler and steam conditioning

Special extra: Digital twin for simulation of all production processes!


AAC Plant

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HUMARBO Tilting Lay Machine, 3m Products M22445

HUMARBO Tilting Lay Machine PXV-3 from 2018, like new

The Tilting Lay Machine is suitable for the production of large-format components in the immediate demoulding process.

The most suitable components are bar-shaped, plate-shaped or frame-shaped.
These can be foundations, slab and floor slabs, U-shaped shells, shaft bodies, angle elements or large-format bricks.
An advantage is the high daily capacity with only one mould and two workers.
It was only used for test purposes!

The Humbarbo PXV-3 is a floor-moulding machine, which demoulds the concrete products by means of tipping on a flat floor or pallet (wood, steel). The Tilting Lay Machine is suitable for reinforced or non-reinforced products with a production length of max. 3m, a product width of 1,400mm and a product height of max. 1,100mm.
The max. load of product, mould and table is 6000kg. The max. product weight is therefore approx. 2,500kg.

Tilting Lay Machine


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Production of terrazzo tiles (polished concrete tiles) M21402

Complete plant for terrazzo tiles

with 3 hermetic presses
mould sizes: 40×40, 40×60, thickness 4 and 5cm
consists of:
1) Press: Longinotti Meccanica type K607/s
2) Press: Longinotti Meccanica type K256/E
3) Press: OCEM type OPA/650
4) Calibration: Breton make
5) Grinding line: Breton make
6) Automatic edging/bevelling machine: Ernst Bauer u. Sohn GmbH
7) Shot peening machine: Konrad Pump type 20-G-600/2
8) Packing: Ernst Bauer u. Sohn GmbH

Produktion Terrazzoplatten

Production of terrazzo tiles M21402

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How much for my Precast Plant ?

How much can I get for my precast production plant or equipment?

To find out the worth of your production machine/plant send some basic information like:

  • Brand/Type of the machine/ equipment/ plant
  • Year/ Capacity
  • Condition and add. info i.e. photos

Send us an e-mail to moc.s1708695892tnalp1708695892tsace1708695892rp@of1708695892ni1708695892 or use the Request Form below:

Wieviel bekomme ich für meine gebrauchte Maschine?

How much can I get for my used machine ?

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Hermetic Slab Press HENKE Silenta 1000to M21401 *** SOLD **

Hermetic Slab Press

Production plant for the manufacture of double-layer pavers, concrete slabs, exposed aggregate concrete slabs, slabs with coloured concrete.
Designed for a daily output of 800m2 in 2 shifts.

Main components:
– Hermetik press HENKE Silenta 1000to
– MASA hydraulics
– Moulds: 2x 40x40x4,2cm, 60x60x4,2cm, 50x50x4,2cm
– Curing storage
– Transport systems
– Packaging plant
– 4 raw material silos for the face concrete mixing plant
– 2 cement silos 50to
– 2 admixture dosing systems

Hermetic Plattenpresse HENKE Silenta 1000to

Hermetic slab press HENKE Silenta 1000to

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Concrete Tiles Production Plant SCHINDLER A9346 ** SOLD **

Fully Automatic Production Plant for concrete tiles

Year 2010, Brand: Schindler
The line can produce grinded, polished, washed and shotblasted tiles.
The batching plant is designed to feed two presses simultaneously, if needed.
Electric substation and air-compressors are included as well as filter press-pump.
Factory has stopped production since 2018.

Automatic Hermetic-Turntablepress TOP 9000/600T OCEM and further 28 positions, which are described more precise in a customised offer.

Beton Gehwegplattenfertigung SCHINDLER A9346

Concrete tile production plant SCHINDLER A9346

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Concrete Paving Slabs Plant A9338 ** SOLD **

Complete Production for Concrete Paving Slabs

ground concrete slabs/frost-resistant terrazzo
and structural panels with mixing plant and further processing
Years of construction from 1993 – 2007
Capacity: 750 – 950 m2 / 8 hours
Condition: Good, no repairs necessary
Consisting of:

  • Hermetic plate press HENKE UNI 2000
    7 stations – pressing pressure: 1000 to
  • forms: 40×40/60×40 each x5cm twice each
  • approx. 250 steel pallets
  • The backing layer concrete mixer
    TEKA 375 l mixer
  • Calibration machine 3-head S+H
  • Grinding machine 6-head S+H
  • Blasting machine SCHLICK, 60 cm passage width
  • Automatic packaging RIDDER
  • bucket conveyor REKERS
  • HENKE back layer mixer
  • bucket elevator for high silo

Concrete Paving Slabs A9338

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