Tilt Forming Machine TEKSAM 5m M22458

Tilt Forming Machine TEKSAM

Manufacturer: TEKSAM Denmark
Year of manufacture: 2016
Condition: As good as new

Suitable for products up to 5m length, 1,25m width and max. product height of 900mm
Possible finished products: Slatted floors, pavers, U-channels, posts, foundation blocks etc.

Complete production cycle with tilt forming machine, demolding crane, transport system, set-down device
and production pallets.

The plant assemblies:
-Automatic production machine
-Demolding crane
-Transport system for the products
-Settling device
-70 steel pallets for a product area of 5.000 x 1.125mm and a load of 3.500 kg


Tilt Forming Machine TEKSAM

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