Magnets and shuttering system RATEC M21419

Magnets and shuttering system:

1.500 pieces Standard Magnets , 1.200 pieces profiles in different lengths  with height 70mm

Preferably use for the production of filigree slabs and twin walls.

Profile list, height 70mm:
250mm length: 165 pieces,
400mm length: 10 pieces x
500mm length: 169 pieces
750mm length: 15 pieces
1000mm length: 220 pieces
2000mm length: 261 pieces
3000mm length: 333 pieces
and 50 pieces x 500mm (residual shuttering)

– Magnet and profiles cleaner
– Magnets conveyor belts, profiles conveyor belts
– Steel construction

Magnete und Schalungen

Magnets and shuttering

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