Stair Formwork U-Shaped A20379 ** SOLD **

Set of Stair Formwork U-shaped for Sale, left and right:
Condition: Very good

Set, left and right formwork, step height 18.33cm
Each side of the staircase has smooth face concrete, except the cast-in side.
Basic formwork for 19 steps. Running width 1,0m Gradient: 17.9/18.33cm Step: 26cm

The Stair Formwork U-shaped is mounted on a base frame. The step plates are made of 6mm folded sheet metal. The soffit is curved and stiffened from 4mm sheet metal.
The side shuttering is provided with screws, including adhesive seal and triangular strip for the soffit.
Casting with flowing concrete is done from above. ( = front side of the stairs).

Treppenschalung U-förmig

Staircase Formwork U-shaped

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