Custom Made Reinforcing Mesh Plant EVG-FIL HFBE A9339 ** SOLD **


for the production of mesh sheets and reinforcing panels. Top condition
Fully automatic, Year of manufacture: 2010
No changeover time needed for production of different sheet shapes
Including automatic bending stations for cross and line wire overhangs
Diameter of longitudinal bars of a mesh from coil (or rod): 6-16 mm (18-20 mm)
Diameter of transverse rods from coils: 6-16 mm
Length of the longitudinal bars of the mesh: 300-12000 mm
Length of transverse rods: 300-4000 mm
The largest element 4000 x 12000 mm
The smallest element 500 x 800 mm
The maximum weight of welded panels (meshes) is 700 kg
The maximum weight of a unit surface of welded elements is 30 kg/m2

EVG HFBE BFT Bewehrungsmatten

EVG HFBE Custom made Mesh

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