Concrete Paving Slab Press with Mixing Plant A9341 **SOLD**

Paving Slab Press – FOR SALE

Brand: Longinotti
Year: 2006
Vacuum-Press Process
Slab size: 400mm x 400mm
Thickness: 19mm / 27mm
Ceramicslabs or light slabs for terraces
Shipping feature: Compact plant, easy to ship, Silos screwed, easy to set up, low construction height

Included are:
1. Blasting with dust collector
2. 4-Chamber Series dosage with beltscale
3. 3 Silos for binders, gray and white cement and stone flour
4. 250 Liter Mixer with scale for binders
1125 Circulating sheet pallets are included

Concrete Paving Slabs Press

Concrete Paving Slabs Press

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