Turn-Over Table for Double-Wall production A8290 **SOLD**

1 used Turn-Over Table

for Double-Wall production
Steel covering even for faced concrete
Dimensions per table: 12,50 x 3,50m
Wall thicknesses: 20 – 40 cm
Incl. 2 x 8 pieces vibrators
Incl. hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic 7.5 kW, 150 l. Tank, 200 bar
Heating pipes for water are installed

Technical specifications:
Usable length: 12.5 m
Usable width: 3.50 m
Height: approx. 1 m
Payload tilting table 750 kg / sqm
Payload Turn-Over Table 400 kg / sqm from 80 ° to 180 °
Tilt angle: approx. 80 ° or 180 °
Operating pressure: 180 bar
Electric connection hydraulics: 15 kW
Net weight: tilting table 11tons, folding table 13tons

Turn-Over Table

Turn-Over Table

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