Stirrup Bender MEP Mini Syntax A9303 **SOLD**

Stirrup Bender Mini Syntax A9303

Completely reworked,
6 braked pay-offs,
pulling winch, MEP auto-diameter change, 12m run-off
VERY GOOD condition, year 1999, approx.

Single Strand Processing Wire Diameter Φ6mm-Φ16mm
Double Strand Processing Wire Diameter Φ6mm-Φ12mm
Square Stirrup Dimensions
Minimum with Φ6mm wire – #2wire (optional bending pin) 80mm x 80mm
Maximum if clockwise 1.500mm x 1.500mm
Maximum if counter clockwise 2.000mm x 2.000mm

Bügelbiegemaschine MEP Mini Syntax

Stirrup Bender MEP Mini Syntax

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