Stirrup Bender MEP Mini Syntax A8266 **SOLD**

Stirrup Bender MEP Mini Syntax

7 braked pay-offs, 7 coil holders
pulling winch, MEP auto-diameter change, 12 m collection rack, safety fences

full set of spare parts,
opt to buy an automatic portable wire straightener,
accessory for producing circle stirrups
VERY GOOD condition although 2001 and very low operating hours

Single Strand Processing Wire Diameter Φ6mm-Φ16mm
fy=600N/mm2, ft=700N/mm2
Double Strand Processing Wire Diameter Φ6mm-Φ12mm
fy=600N/mm2, ft=700N/mm2
Square Stirrup Dimensions
Minimum with Φ6mm wire – #2wire (optional bending pin) 80mm x 80mm
Maximum if clockwise 1.500mm x 1.500mm
Maximum if counter clockwise 2.000mm x 2.000mm
Length of Straightened & Cut-to-Length Bars
Minimum 5mm
Maximum (with the existing support guide-collection bench/rack) 12.000mm

Stirrup Bender MEP Mini Syntax

Stirrup Bender MEP Mini Syntax

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