Automatic Reinforcement Center for Precast Floor Slabs A9304 ** SOLD **

01Steel Robot for Pick and Place A9304

Reinforcement Center for Pallet circulation places Rebars and Lattice girders

This used complete steel processing plant made by PROGRESS
has revolutionized the production of Floor Slabs with FILIGRAN lattice girders.

consisting of a fully automatic wire straightener
Cutting and bending machine, an 8-axis gantry robot and a lattice girder processing station
(Was in use for pallets size 2.51 x 9 m)

Plant components in detail:
1. Full Auto Multi Wire straightening and bending machine
with spacer automatic, cut bar magazine and chain magazine.
Machine type: PROGRESS MSR 16/5 – 2Bk / e SERVO-ASH
– Incl. 2 bending heads (only cranking)
– Wire diameters: 6-14 mm
– Wire run-off length 11 m

2. Lattice girders processing station
Consisting of a lattice girder storage rack, a lattice girder cutting machine and a lattice girder
buffer and positioning magazine + top bar welding system

3. 7-axis linear robot PROGRESS EPR
For fully automatic laying of the transverse reinforcement, the longitudinal reinforcement and the lattice girders on the pallets
Control System Siemens S5

Stahlbearbeitungsanlage PROGRESS

Steel Robot for Pick and Place

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