Rotor-Rollers for EVG–FILZMOSER RA-XE Straightening machines

1801Hyperbolic formed rollers

are the heartpiece of a EVG and FILZMOSER RA-XE combined straightening and bending machine in the precast concrete industry. These machines are produced since beginning of the 1990s and well known for smooth results of the treated straightened wires.

PREQAST has increased its portfolio of rollers and is able to deliver hyperbolic rollers for all RA-X
and RA-XE machines at very reasonable prices:

  • RA-X Hydraulic Straightener until 1996
  • RA-XE Electric Straightener up to 2009
  • RA-XE Electric Straightener after 2010

You can get almost all types of rollers from stock or within 2-3 weeks, just ask whether your type is on stock.

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Franz Filzmoser



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