New Precast Wall Panels Formwork

ROLLOUT for the new Precast Wall
Panels Formwork


We have created a set of sideforms and magnets to cast 20 – 30m2 (sqm) wall panels. It consist of 29 meter SPARTAN sideforms, 18 TITAN magnets and all the additional useful equipment to start a production.

The standard sideform height in the Start-Package  is 175mm. With that you can produce Wall thicknesses of 175, 180, 185, 190, 195 and 200mm with the matching capping.
If you want a different thickness please tell us and we will change the sideform according to your demand.
Furthermore if you want to include more sideforms and magnets already in the Start-Package please tell us and you will benefit from an outstanding price in the Start-Package.

GMS Precast Wall Panels Formwork

GMS Precast Wall Formwork

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