Lattice Girder Processing, A14048 BARGAIN! **SOLD**

Lattice Girder Store-Measure-Cut – FOR SALE


Manufacturer: FILZMOSER
Year: 1996
1. Vertical lattice girder stack
Lattice girder length max: 14m
Shelf depth: 600mm, 25-30 pcs girders per shelf
Electric lift motor: 7.5KW
2. Lattice girder inlet, length 12m
Width: 400mm
3. Hydraulic shears, single girder processing
lattice girder heights 70 – 190mm
incl. 15 KW hydraulic unit
4. Operation and control panel with screen
5. Butt fusion welding 3x380V, 8KVA
6. exit path with measuring stop and drop
length is 10m

THIS IS A BARGAIN CATEGORY OPTION: includes used machinery with prices lower than EUR 10000.

Lattice girder processing

Lattice girder processing

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