Formwork Robot WECKENMANN – A14055 **SOLD**

Formwork – Shuttering Robot WECKENMANN

Moves shuttering profiles for pallets size
up to 13.5m x 3.80m
Year: 2005

The robot was used in precast floor slab and double wall pallet circulation line for:
– plotting the slab geometries and
– oiling of certain sectors and
– placing different shuttering profiles and magnets

– steelframe and driveway
– safety fence
– control cabinet

E-source: 400V/ 50Hz

Speed of:
X-axis: 2.4 m/s
Y-axis: 2.4 m/s
Z-axis: 1.5 m/s
turn: 120 grad/s

Formwork Robot WECKENMANN

Formwork Robot WECKENMANN

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