EVG Polybend PBC 16mm with additional Bender A9321

EVG Stirrup Bender with 2nd Bending Head

Stirrup bender to produce stirrups, bars and bars with hooks on both ends!
Year: 2007
Automatic setting of wire guides and straighteners.
Condition: very good, machine cleaned and all straightening and driving rollers changed to new ones!

Wire diameter ranges for single wire: 6,0 – 16,0 mm
Wire diameter ranges for double wire: 6,0 – 12,0 mm

2nd Bender AMC 16:
Additional module for the POLYBEND PBC series for the production of long stirrups with hooks bent at both ends.

EVG Polybend PBC 16mm und zweite Biegeeinheit

EVG Polybend PBC 16mm and additionial Bender A9321

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