Double Strand-Straightening Machine EVG-FIL RA-XE 16/2-2 A7216 **SOLD**

Straightening Machine EVG-FIL RA-XE

Straightening Machine EVG-FIL RA-XE

Rotor-Straightener with 2 Flying shears
2-strands, Hyperbolic rotors and 2 flying shears
4 Pay-offs
Wire quality:
Hot rolled or cold drawn on coils
Decoiling against clockwise
Coil weight max. 3tons
Wire diameters: 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16mm

Quality of the straigthened and cut wire bars:
Max. Length: 14m
Min. Length: 0,75m
Length accuracy: +/- 5mm
Straightness: 0,3 x d per Meter, max. 3mm

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