A14025 – Carousel Line – Floor slabs

Carousel Line, Floor slabs production – FOR SALE

1. Lift-Off Station
– Slabs lifting crane

2. Pallet Circulation
– 44 pcs pallets, 2.40m x 15.50m
– Pallets stacking crane: VOLLERT
– Plotter and Double cleaning system:WECKENMANN
– Shuttering, Transport and Cleaning:WECKENMANN
– Oiling system: WECKENMANN
– Crosswise-transport: WECKENMANN
– Concrete Distributor: WECKENMANN
– Vibration: Gyroshake NETTER

3. Reinforcement
Lattice girder preparation with Magnets-Handling: FILZMOSER
– Steel straightening and cutting machinewith Magnets Handling: FILZMOSER
– Wire Diameters: 6 – 14mm Longitudinal bars and cross bars

Carousel Line Floor-Slabs

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